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About Us

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a volunteer-based charity that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases native wildlife back into their natural environment.


 Established in 2008, and attaining its charitable status in 2011, WWS operates on a beautiful 45-acre property owned by Monika Melichar and her husband Whitebear.

Everyone at WWS believes "All life is precious and every living thing deserves a second chance"

From orphaned baby songbirds, squirrels, and ducklings, to injured foxes, owls, and porcupines, it is a huge responsibility to provide species-specific diets, appropriate medical attention, and proper housing for the vastly diversified needs of the wildlife. 

Open daily, year-round, and many times late into the night, no animal is discriminated against, and each is cared for with equal respect. 

Note: WWS is strictly a rehab centre and is NOT open to public visitations or tours!

Over 700 animals are brought into our care each year.  Some are orphaned, while many are injured due to some form of human intervention, be it road/window collisions, domestic animal encounters, or accidental removal. 


With each passing year, the sanctuary grows and is able to accommodate more and more animals that are in need of help.  


Not only does WWS provide this essential public service; a place where people can seek help for injured and orphaned wildlife free of charge; but it also answers thousands of telephone inquiries and provides environmentally sound advice, helping property owners resolve many human-wildlife conflicts. 

Unfortunately, due to severe allergies,

raccoons can no longer be accepted.

Saving our Wildlife ~ One Animal at a Time

Founder - President - Authorized Wildlife Custodian
Monika Melichar

WWS is home to Monika Melichar and her partner Whitebear, who have dedicated their lives to providing this essential service of helping wild animals in need.  

Monika is a federally and provincially MNR&F Authorized Wildlife Custodian and has over 30 years of experience working with orphaned and injured wildlife.

She holds a BSc in Zoology from the University of Guelph and has worked at the Metro Toronto Zoo.

Monika Melichar with an orphaned recovering porcupine

Our Team of Volunteers

Dedicated - Passionate - Experienced




& Senior Volunteer

Christina Carere - Volunteer

We Couldn't Do What We Do Without The Helping Hands Of Our Volunteers

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