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What to do if you find an orphaned or injured animal

  • Place the animal/bird inside a strong, well-ventilated container suitable for its size and strength.  A cardboard box, Rubbermaid tote, recycling bin with a screen top, or an animal carrier all work well.

  • Provide bedding material such as shredded newspaper, fleece, or a tight-weaved towel or blanket.  Beware of loose threads that can entangle the animal.

  • Warmth is essential for babies or animals that are very compromised.  Use a hot water bottle, or microwave a bean bag, or you can fill an old sock with rice or beans and microwave it.   Wrap it in a towel, and place it near the animal, inside the container. 

  • Place the secured animal in a warm, dark and quiet area.

  • Do not "pet" them, hold them, or attempt to feed them as this can cause additional stress.  Remember, you are their predator and they are terrified of you, even if they don't show it.

  • Always move slowly around an injured animal, and if you must talk, speak in a low, calming voice.

  • Never feed an animal or give them water in its mouth if they are unresponsive, cold, dehydrated, or emaciated.  This can cause sudden death.

  • Contact us or your nearest wildlife rehab centre asap.

Critical orphaned hawk
Porcupine capture
Orphaned Baby Birds
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