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Saving our Wildlife ~ One Animal at a Time

Injured Owl, cute animal

About Us

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a volunteer-based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife back into the wild.

We believe that every living creature deserves a second chance.  At WWS, we work tirelessly to ensure that each of our patients is treated with equal respect and hope for a wild and free life again.

Also, we can no longer accept raccoons due to a severe allergy. 

injured hawk

Note: WWS is strictly a rehab centre and is NOT open to public visitations or tours!

recovering fawn
Southern Flying Squirrel
Injured Wildlife

What We Do

Help! Found An Animal?

What to do if you find a sick, injured, or orphaned wild animal


Answers to many common questions

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Become A Volunteer

Volunteer your time and
help us save lives

Orphaned Opossums
Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary


Our labour-of-love work
needs your support

Gift Shop

WWS Swag-Greeting Cards-Jigsaw Puzzles-Gifts and more

Photo Gallery

Check out some of our enclosures and wildlife patients

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newsletter woodlands whisper
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